About us

Our Name:
There is no more important moment than NOW. Your entire life is made up of "now's" if you really think about it. The past is a bunch of old "now's" and the future will only be what you do NOW. I truly believe that what I wear determines how I fell, how confident I am and the choices I make. When I'm wearing clothes that are the most me, I can make the most out of any moment. I can BE present. I can enjoy the NOW. And that's what I want for each member of BHN, each customer, employee and so forth. I want clothing to be an expression of individuality for you. I want you to feel confident. Because when we are confident, we are capable of doing amazing things. I want clothing to help us, BE HERE NOW.

Why I started BHN:
At the age of 23 I had already worked over ten jobs. Work had been a regular part of my life since I was 16. This sort of panic began to creep over me. I didn't want to work my life away, clinging to the few glimmering moments of "off time" occasionally earned. If I had to work, I wanted to spend my life working for something that fills me with passion and allows me to do good for others. Helping girls and women discover their personal style brings me incredible joy. Clothing is an important part of life. It establishes first impressions, it gives confidence, it empowers the garment wearer to be who they want to be. I created BHN to provide incredible clothing to even more incredible women. I want BHN to remind women how strong they are and what they are capable of.